Re: SVN Host Recommendations?

Has anyone heard of these guys
They're a pay as you go service.
Project locker looks good.

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Re: SVN Host Recommendations?

ikeo wrote:

Has anyone heard of these guys

Sorry to bring up an old thread but this one caught my eye. I've worked with the 8svn guys and used their service for almost 2 yrs without any problems. They have a $9/mo unlimited plan.


Re: SVN Host Recommendations?

To be honest, I’m not sure. It would probably be worth your time to contact SVNRepository directly. I’m sure you aren’t the first paranoid developer who has contacted them.

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Re: SVN Host Recommendations?

I would recommend as a good provider. About a year ago I chose them because of the low prices but mainly because they host Redmine out of the box. I have spend many days to find a good issue tracking tool and find out that it is the best one. It is functional enough and user friendly. Looks like lightweight JIRA.

I've started with the Level 1 subscription that would be enough to maintain one project. During all this time I encountered with only 1-2 outages that lasted just few minutes. And it's very good result! Now I've upgraded to Level 2 that gives me infinite number of projects I can host.

If you have an open source project I would recommend Google project hosting or Sourceforge. There are also free SVN hosting providers for non open source projects but I personally don't trust them. The main question is why do they do it for free? May be just to have access to proprietary source code?!