Topic: script/plugin with authentication

Hi. I have created a plugin that is stored in an svn repository on my server.  I would like to install this plugin in another application I am writing. When I try to install the plugin using the standard script/plugin install <<url to my svn plugin repository>> it fails with a:

401 Authorization Required

This is understandable because I need to keep this plugin password protected and the syntax does not include a username password.  However, I cannot figure out how to install a plugin that needs to be authenticated using the script/plugin command.  Can anyone help with this?  I am using this to share code among apps and I would like to keep everything in sync and have the app  update whenever I change something in the plugin.  Thanks very much for any help.


Re: script/plugin with authentication

your local svn client stores authentication data in it.  So what you need to do is log into the server and type:
"svn checkout some_folder http://my.url"
and then you can give your login credentials.  Then you just delete that whole 'some_folder' that it created and try the script/plugin command - it should work!