Topic: The ultimate ruby on rails book?

Hi guys,

I want to start learning ruby on rails. I have some experience in java and php, but know nothing whatsoever on ror.
Which book would you experts recommend? I know that there are quite a few tutorials online, but I really want to have a book, I learn better from that smile



Re: The ultimate ruby on rails book?

The problem with that is that RoR is moving forward very quickly, and as such the books are having trouble keeping up. Having said that the Agile Web Development Version 3 ( is probably a good book to get you going with Rails 2 and then you could use the internet to keep up with the changes for 2.1 and the soon to be released 2.2

Another piece of advice would be to learn a bit of Ruby independant of Rails first so you don't have two Mountains to climb all at once, get comfortable with some Ruby, then take that to Rails. People say the learning curve for Rails is steep, but I don't really agree with that, they just take on too much all at once.

Good Luck, Rails is a lot of fun.

Re: The ultimate ruby on rails book?

O'Reilly's "Rails Cookbook" and The Pragmatic Programmers "Advanced Rails Recipes" are both excellent references. As cherring said, many books either are already outdated or will soon become outdated, but in most cases the information will still be very relevant.

Re: The ultimate ruby on rails book?

I think you should first learn ruby.
I recommend The ruby programming language by o'reilly

Re: The ultimate ruby on rails book?

thanks guys, i'll look into it smile