Topic: creating Macro in radrails

in Linux I use Quanta and I setup a macro on the win-i key so it replace the selection by  <%= _("--THESELECTION--") %>

which is very usefull for gettext in rhtml files

now I'm using radrails under OS-X and its great. but I would like similar behaviour when I press apple-i. I can't find where the macro stuff is. anyone could tell me if it is possible?

under Quanta it was very easy to setup something like that.


Re: creating Macro in radrails

I use Radrails for Linux & Windows RoR development, but might I suggest taking a look at textmate for Rails development on MacOSX. I have been 100% satisfied with the application for developing ROR and I find myself wishing I had a version of it on my linux development PC.

Textmate includes "snippets" which are typically tab completed but can have a hotkey assigned, so basically you type: vp (hit tab) and it expands to validates_presence_of :method, :on => "create", :message = "must be required" and sets up tabstops at key locations. It's very slick.

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Re: creating Macro in radrails

I know TextMate, I love it too. but i can't use it because it does not support utf-8 properly and double-width characters.

my question still hold, I wish RadRails would have a macro system. I found macro-shmacro plugins for Eclipse. but it does not appear to work for some reason. It seems to be able to record macro, but I can't re-play them or save them.

May I also do you a suggestion? Take a look at Quanta for Linux. there is not much I miss from TextMate. Actually, sometimes I even prefer Quanta to TextMate. there is just few things still that TextMate has. but anyway Quanta is awesome.

Re: creating Macro in radrails

RadRails has a macro-esque system called templates, but unfortunately it looks like it's only supported in ruby files, not rhtml.

I think this is on their list though.