Topic: LAMP+Ruby on Rails+Perl

I am going to be setting up my 'developer' machine this weekend. I plan to install it on another computer, which I will be picking up for free. It is a Pentium 2, with a 20gb hard drive and with 512mb of ram. The box will be running Debian, and I want it to be accessible from outside my network through SSH/FTP so it can be maintained remotely without a keyboard/mouse and monitor. I am hoping on installing the usual LAMP setup on it, and somehow include Ruby On Rails and Perl on the machine so all the different services do not interfere with each other. The server will have a max of 5 visitors at once, if even that. Though I have used Ubuntu before, I've heard Debian is more difficult to use and not so user friendly. Would someone please help me getting all of these things up and running?

PS: The type of Linux distro does not matter at all for me as long as its fast, small, secure and makes a good web server/developer machine.

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