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Hi guys,

    I just start to learn RoR and wish to seek some help here. Recently I try to switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu 8.04. I used Netbeans 6.1 to develop RoR application on Ubuntu. But I faced some problem with it, which I'm not sure whether the problem is Netbeans, Ubuntu or Linux specific, because Netbeans works fine on Windows XP.

1. When I switch to other application, like browser, pdf reader(to read something) or console. and when I focus back(click on the editor) to Netbeans, the cursor is there but I can't type anything. I need to click on other part of Netbeans(says project explorer) then click back the editor, then only i can edit it. This happen mostly when I switch between programs.

2. In Netbeans, there are times when it will pop up a yes/no confirmation windows, like when you need to add plugins, or stop the server. And quite often I got a empty windows(no message nor button) i need to redo the step a few time in order for a proper windows to pop up.

Do you guys got any problems like that on linux? Please advise. Thank you.

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I use Netbeans on Arch Linux, and never had a problem.
Could it be the Java Machine? Try to reinstall it

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The second problem is related to Compiz (3D desktop). You can google for some solutions (installing latest beta version of java 6 update 10, if I remember correctly).

Re: Netbeans: Not working right on Linux

Thanks guys, problem solved after install latest JDK, previously was using openJDK.