Topic: Netbeans 6.5 - configuration - multiple or main?

A little confused having downloaded NB 6.5 beta. Running leopard.

So, I updated gems, and that worked. It's only giving me jruby as my target? It get's an error 403 when passing a products?x=y as opposed to just products at end of url.

I have been using tm and happy with that for the most part - mainly looking at options and wanting to try something with a debugger. Ideally i'd like this all to be one environment and it's seeming like NB is not just using my already setup/working env.

As a rails newb overall, I am unclear what to make of all this.

Can I set up NB 6.5 to run in exactly the same env as I have setup? How?

thx for patience with the curve.

Re: Netbeans 6.5 - configuration - multiple or main?

i use textmate for rails, but since i've got nb installed for supporting my older dev projects i'll try to help.

when you go to New Project/Ruby/Rails App, the Ruby Platform sounds like its got NB's jruby in there. click Manage. the next window will list all the platforms it knows about, if the system's ruby isn't listed add it. we're both using Leopard, so use these defaults:

try using the autodetect to avoid having to type all that crap in, though

if you're looking for a debugger, don't forget that when you run script/server that it prints most of the info you need to the terminal as you go.. and you can also use..

<% if ENV["RAILS_ENV"] == "development" %> 
<%= debug(params) %>
<%= debug(session) %>
<% end %>

..within your app's main layout (towards the bottom of the page) to print the debug info to your browser. as far as IDEs go, netbeans is one of the best (actually my fave), but i've always felt it to be overkill for rails development. that and i dont know how to configure anything remotely as useful as TM's bundles within netbeans.

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Re: Netbeans 6.5 - configuration - multiple or main?

thanks  ...a very useful reply. i have been able to get NB using Ruby interp. i wonder if you know by any chance, how to run NB as admin in order to be able to install gems? sudo? if so, an example would be great.

i also intend to use TM most of the time, but thought it would be nice once in a while to be able to switch into NB for step debugging and also occasional intellisense-y stuff.

Re: Netbeans 6.5 - configuration - multiple or main?

nope, not a clue.

sudo /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans\ 6.5\

that works, but it leaves a terminal window open and os x doesnt have a gksudo-type facility i know of. it probably does, i'm not very knowledgable about the internals of this os though. i do know (from trying just now) that installing a gem without sudo dumps it in a non-standard location (~/.gems), which is kind of annoying - but ruby will find it even outside of netbeans.

Re: Netbeans 6.5 - configuration - multiple or main?

I use NetBeans on leopard and the NetBeans gems manager works for my Ruby installation. If you have problems, I suggest that rather than running NetBeans as an administrator, just dropping to the command line to install your gems. You can find gems manager info and suggestions here: