Topic: Add a specific "Report Spam" link next to the classic "Report" link

Thinking out loud...

Make reporting spam faster by adding a link specifically to report spam and place it next to the existing "Report" button. … ily%20good

It'd turn reporting spam into a click then confirm operation instead of click, fill out, send operation.

Props to the admins and mods, the worst problem around here is spam and even then it isn't that bad. You guys are doing it right if thats the worst thing that happens around here.

Also whoever delted the spam I reported 5 minutes ago, you work fast!

Re: Add a specific "Report Spam" link next to the classic "Report" link

That'd be Duplex.  He's a super awesome moderator and member -- we're lucky to have him around. smile

Anyway, that's a really good idea -- but actually, we're going to be changing forum software to vBulletin very soon (by the end of the year *fingers crossed*).  So hopefully that will really cut down on the amount of spam we get, and it should definitely make it even easier for us to moderate what we do get. smile

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