Topic: *Magick Just Won't Work

Everything was perking along just fine until ... it wasn't. I've been getting the dreaded ImageMagick bus error on my MacBook Pro and can't seem to shake it. I've rebuilt from source. I've used Darwin Ports. I even grabbed a copy of GraphicsMagick and built the RMagick gem with --with-graphics-magick.

The last option was the best, but still not good. With GraphicsMagick, I don't seem to have the postscript support I need for Scruffy or Gruff.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get a clean install of a working graphics library? I tried the RoR mailing list, but I guess the topic's been around a few times and wasn't interesting anymore. None of the previously suggested fixes worked for me.

MacBook Pro
OS X 10.4.8
Ruby 1.8.4

Any thoughts?


Re: *Magick Just Won't Work

Have you tested your RMagick library outside of rails?  Does it work?

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