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my website is

Everything works correctly in IE7, firefox, and safari but in IE6, there is what seems to be 1px off on the right.  Whenever I try to a line the right content with the right header, the content falls under the menu.  Any idea on how to fix it?


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I haven't heard too much on IE7 v/s IE6 hacks yet, but here's a resource that has many of the IE6 answers for css hacks:


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Hi ChrisKarl,

The problem you have there is every webdesigner's nightmare: cross browser in-compatibility!

The border attribute in CSS is handled differently by Firefox and IE. In Firefox it seems to be "inside" the div, whereas in IE it is "outside" the div. That means, when you have a div width: 500px; and border: 1px solid #336699;, in Firefox the div remains 500px, but in IE it'll be 502px (1px left border and 1px right border added). That is why the right content is in the new line and not where it is supposed to be.

What you can do is two things:

First: make the right content spaller in general.

OR Second way: Use a FF/IE workaround!
in your Stylesheet for the right content use the following:

#your-right-div {
  width: 500px !important;
  width: 498px;

IE is not able to interpret the !important attribute, although it is valid CSS. That means, in non-IE browsers it will use the !important marked attribute, whereas IE can not interpret !important and will use the width: 498px; setting.

If you want to know more about !important you should visit the W3C CSS Reference

Hope this resolves your problem.

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Or even better, ensure your doctype renders without an xml prolog.

From Quirksmode (about half-way down the page)

In Explorer 6 Windows, Microsoft implemented one extra rule: if a doctype that triggers strict mode is preceded by an xml prolog, the page shows in quirks mode. This was done to allow web developers to achieve valid pages (which require a doctype) but nonetheless stay in quirks mode.

The discrepancy will go away leaving you with an opportunity to declare a much less convulted structure for your markup and free to deal with the myriad other things that plague development when IE6 has unfortunately been declared as a required browser (double margin, repeating text, background flicker, lack of .png support, etc.)

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So very true. IE6 was a real pain. Thankfully, I'd say at least 60% of the people that will ever visit any of the sites we all write have upgraded willingly, or ignorantly, being that their Windows Update agent ran, and they set it automatically install everything.

IE in general can be a real pain. IE7 turned to be a lot better overall for those like us, but still one thing they have never fixed is that stupid table issue where the cell margins are off, so you have to workaround that as well so your html tables don't end up looking like crap. Thats Microsoft for you. wink

Although, I must say. I never noticed this with FF on Windows, but FF3 on my Mac looks like it blows everything up. In Opera and Safari, it looks great. Its strange. But anyway, the gripes of developers and designers everywhere... Such as life right smile