Topic: Tutorial request and advice

Hi Guys,

I see a lot of guys have put on requests for tutorials and some people are writing them. Thank you so much for your time guys first of all.

I have not tried ruby at all. I am sure there are basic Ruby on rails tutorials. But what is the best tutorial you would recommend for a newbie.

I am a fairly good programmer; i have made intranet sites on ASP, ASP.NET, SQL server, Access and MySQL and PHP. But I have not worked on C++ or Java.  I have written programs on Java at home for fun. But never wrote object oriented approach.

Do I need to understand Object Oriented Programming to be a very good programmer on Ruby on Rails. If yes, or if you think "its better", can you point me to a link that would teach me object oriented programming and it's effect practically. There are lot of sites that teaches theory but not direct application/usability.

When I teach someone PHP/MySQL, I do:

1.   Create two tables with relationships.
2.   Show them SQL queries for insert and select data.
3.   Create two interfaces, one to enter data and one to select and show data.
4.   Create common files (eg. header.php and footer.php) and how you can call them on all the pages.
5.   Create a login file to store login information in session variables. So that will teach them about session variable.

This by no means will teach them every thing about PHP and MYSQL. but by the end of the lesson, they will know how mysql and php are used to create a functional web application. Any thing they learn on top of those don't need to be spoon fed. They can ask specific questions in forums like this and learn more.

But i would like to start with a good, basic tutorial.

Thanks for every one for reading this. if you have any advices for me, I would appreciate them.