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OK, I am new to programing and to Rails I am reading a couple of books but none REEEEALLY give a good understanding of Rad Rails interface. 

Here's my problem:

I've created a model, I've migrated and build the scaffold but then I realized I wanted to add a column to the page.  So I went to the navigators tree to the db folder to migrate and altered the file to add a column but for some reason I can't see it on the webpage I tried using the rake and remigrating it I tried refreshing i've tried everything I can find on line are there any suggestions?

ANY HELP is Greatly appreciated.

Re: Rad Rails Newbie

Since you have already ran the migration and not created a new one, you need to run a 'rake db:migrate:redo'.

Re: Rad Rails Newbie

Hi Tildenm,

Thanks for posting a reply.  I tried what you said and I watched it update in the console and when i ran the server and checked the browser there wasn't any changes. 

Any suggestions?

Thanks again for all the help.