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My first Rails app launched recently (albeit in private beta testing; I'll activate you asap if you have a few seconds to register and critique beyond the site-wide info pages etc):         

Vital Statistics;

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Re: My First Rails App

Congrats, I remember you mentioning your app and I wondered what you were building. Congrats on the beta launch.

You mentioned how many specs you have, whats your ratio?

I just started an app and already have 90 specs and haven't really got anywhere yet (have to develop it around my normal 40 hour job) so yeah they rack up.

If you run all the specs how long do they take?

Anyway congrats again, it's great to get stuff into production.

Re: My First Rails App

Code LOC: 5356     Test LOC: 13306     Code to Test Ratio: 1:2.5

The specs can take a couple of minutes because they're dependent on S3; I haven't worked out how to mock the calls to S3 from paperclip (I know very little about mocking and I've tried investigating how to stub the calls many a time, but no luck, so I'm happier working on other stuff). 

Good luck with your app. Having the full-time job, I imagine you're very focused when you do work on it. Time constraints can be a great thing.