Topic: problem handling flash events with javascript

I am using swfobject.js 1.5 on Firefox. I am pretty lost at
1. What events are available in a flash player for the browser?
2. How do we handle them in javascript ?

Here is my html code:

<div id="resources_player">You Require Adobe Flash Version 8 or greater to
view this video.</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
                var s1 = new
                Sorry, version 8 and higher of the Flash plugin is required
to view
                this video. Please <a
                target="_blank">click here</a> to download the latest Flash

Now, when the first movie gets finished, I would like to update the
flashvars file & image using javascript.

Can this be done by handling a possible event after the movie has completed?
If so what event and how the event is handled.

Hours of googling left me with actionscript event handlers. But what I need
is javascript event handler.
Any help appreciated. thanks in advance. A code example would be more


Re: problem handling flash events with javascript

Surprised no one responded to this before, and I guess I just never noticed it for some reason before today, but events in Flash aren't handled by JavaScript, they are handled by ActionScript. And depending on how you created your FLA file, will vary on what version of ActionScript is used. It will either be AS2 or AS3. The logic and syntax of AS3 are very Java like, so if you've wrote any applications in Java before, you shouldn't have too much trouble. You call and require packages, and so on.

The only thing swfobject.js does is calls SWF movies without the need of embed or object tags, so any browser will open it the same way.

May be a few months too late of a post, but hope this helps nonetheless. smile