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Hey, I cannot program but and very proficient in HTML and CSS, so what I am asking in terms of furthering my knowledge, should i choose Ruby on Rails or start with PHP?

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Well, from my point of view, Ruby and Rails can give you much more fun. But if you completely don't know how to program, you probably won't appreciate some of Ruby's nice features and often you won't fully understand what you are doing.

So, as a complete beginner, perhaps you should begin from writing PHP scripts, learn some general programming concepts and then go back to Ruby, together with getting familiar with object-oriented programming ideas.

PHP is easier to understand and - for good or for ill - even without possessing an extensive knowledge, you would be able to write quite complicated scripts. To learn and understand Ruby, you would have to make much more efforts.

So, if you are hesitating, I would say: PHP. Time will tell whether you wish to switch to Ruby one day.

Re: Absolute Beginner needs help

really nice way to learn to program.

Re: Absolute Beginner needs help

dont make the mistake i did. go with php. ruby on rails is a different beast.