Topic: should i learn ruby or rails first

i am new to all of this so which should i learn first, ruby or rails?



Re: should i learn ruby or rails first

as rails is written in ruby, the choice is quite obvious: Ruby

Re: should i learn ruby or rails first

Learn some beginner concepts in Ruby, then some Rails, then back to Ruby, then back to Rails, and so on. But at the end, to get really good in Rails, you will first have to get good in Ruby.

Re: should i learn ruby or rails first

I started with rails, in my 12th month now and can do advanced applications from scratch to production and optimization.

Ruby came automatically over time really.

Alot of resources (cheap and free) that teaches you key concepts and tools for your webbapp. Heck if you gave me a script I wouldn't be able to tell if it's rails or plain ruby I just know how it works and how to modify it to work in another way or better way.

Concider getting a cheap Mac/MacBook if not already on Mac and Textmate. - Good free light-weight tutorials and introductions. - ActiveRecord(Database) screencast that is good and some good books if you're not like me (learn by doing and watching). - GREAT place for long and detailed but yet simple screencasts on diffrent tools and key concepts. Rails from Scratch 1 & 2, REST for Rails 2, Textmate, Capistrano. - Seems dead but some good newbie stuff in there. - Good example applications to read trough to understand the framework and code better (Learn git first, it's rather simple)

At the end of the day it prolly depends on what goals you have with Ruby (and Rails).

Are you an employee who needs to know/learn ruby?

Then learn ruby.

Self-employed writing web-apps for yourself or customers?

Just do rails and get the ruby on the fly.

That's my oppinion.

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