Topic: Migrating a large-ish website that uses Server-Side Includes to rails

Hi all.

This is my first post here for a long time, so I wanted to say "Hello again", its good to be back in rails-land.

Right, now for my question. I have a client that wants me to make lots of changes to their website. The website at the moment is a HTML site, with a little perl scripting and plenty of server-side includes. I want to use rails to add all the new functionality, and to "future-proof" the site.

I thought that I could do this by just importing the existing pages (200-300) into the public folder, and leaving those unchanged. Then I would re-develop the main pages in rails. The problem is, this idea doesn't seem to work in practice, because of the Server-Side includes. In my simple tests, the SSI's are being ignored, I guess the server just doesn't process them. Is it possible to change this, is it just a limitation of webrick and should it be possible to configure them as well as rails? Or, would I be better off trying to map the website out and migrating it properly into corresponding views using partials and layouts to mimic the SSI functionality. I'm wary of the effort that this may involve.

Any thoughts appreciated smile

Re: Migrating a large-ish website that uses Server-Side Includes to rails

I would check out other servers beside webrick.  I do not know what servers support SSI but there are many servers you can use for production including mongrel, nginx, apache and who knows what else.  You could just ignore the ssi stuff in development if you want to use webrick for that.