Topic: Deploying Rails on Pair Networks

Does any one have any experience deploying a Rails project on Pair Networks?

I have had quite an experience trying to get this project off the ground. Everything seems to be installed correct with Apache 1.3 using FastCGI. I can get the project to function using CGI, but for some reason, whenever I make the switch in the .htaccess file to .fcgi the project quickly because plagued by the dreaded 500 error.

When I look in the Apache logs I am getting this error.

"FastCGI: incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server"

I have been able to find a ton of posts where deleting the sessions from the /tmp folder solves it or in some cases the Add Handler fastcgi-script .fcgi was not added to the .htaccess file. I believe I have covered these bases.

Does anyone have some ideas I could try?

At this point I have spend more time trying to deploy my Rails project than I actually spent building it. sad

Re: Deploying Rails on Pair Networks

We were able to get to the bottom of it and apparently it was a result of the FastCGI gem not functioning effectively.  Rails without this gem is extremely nonproductive.