Topic: NEWBIE: How come I don't see new database records?

I just inherited a Ruby on Rails web site. I don't know anything about this topic (I do VB.NET normally). I'm so confused that I'm about to either throw my laptop out the window or throw myself out the window....

I connected to MySQL Query Browser and added a record using an INSERT command. But then on the web site, I don't see the new record anywhere.

And vice versa... I add a record into the web site's CMS program but then I don't see it anywhere in MySQL.

I don't know anything about Ruby on Rails apps. Do I need to compile it before seeing changes? or run some sort of deployment utility?

Any help would be very helpful...


Re: NEWBIE: How come I don't see new database records?

So, this is sort of a generalized answer to a general question, but I can definitely relate to you frustration. Normally, when what you describe happens, it is Occam's Razor territory - namely, that I am looking at the wrong database.
So let me answer your question with another question - in Ruby, it is common for an app to tie to many different databases, according to the ENVIRONMENT variable. You will see this by going to /config/database.yml, and looking at the environment entries that will dictate the db connection.

Your live app is almost certainly deployed in PROD; is it possible that you are looking in the DEV database for the record that was entered in PROD?

Also, be aware that your PROD dsatabase also almost certainly lives on the Production web server with your hosted app, and sometimes there are issues connecting remotely.