Topic: regarding gmail smtp in sss..


well... I'm building a web site where I need to send emails to the newly registered users.
At first I tried php and used mail() but those mails were going straight to SPAM folder in Yahoo, gmail so I used a php script to use gmail's smtp server. PHP script is working fine on my pc but its not working on the server, because there's no open_ssl extension enabled.
I've given my admin clear idea about it but I'm not sure if he can do anything more with this.

However, I found that server supports ruby on rails too so I googled a bit and found some posts on this forum only smile

my biggest problem is, this is the first time I'm seeing some ruby code. I've no idea how these scripts are implemented sad I'd go reading some online tuts but I dont have much time left to finish this work.

So, can anyone guide me a bit so that I can send mails using ruby ?

It works like this-
user fills the form and on Submit button press a php file is called. This php file enteres given details in database and sends him an email along with an activation link. When the user Clicks on that link in his email, same php file is executed and Registration is confirmed.

is it possible to call a ruby app/function from php code ?
if its possible then I can just place that call in my already working php file smile
like.. php enters values in database, creates activation link, creates email message to be send and calls Ruby function to send that mail. and then php continues.

I'm not really a web developer. I only code in C,C++,Java or sometimes. I can understand your codes, just dont know how to implement them...

any help is appreciated. If there's a way around to use mail() in such a way that it wont go to SPAM will do. enabling open_ssl is not in your hands so its out of question. or using ruby scripts to do the same will do smile