Topic: Continuous Integration and Metrics Tracking

I'm currently looking into deploying a continuous integration tool to do nightly builds and keep track of code quality metrics for a Rails application.  I'm currently looking at CruiseControl, but I'm still evaluating.  Does anybody use continuous integration tools with Rails?  Which ones have you found to work the best with Rails?

Re: Continuous Integration and Metrics Tracking

Isn't CruiseControl designed for automating builds? A Rails app doesn't need to get built. Are you talking about automating tests such as rspec + autotest?

Re: Continuous Integration and Metrics Tracking

CruiseControl also automates tests and will report on the number of test cases passed and failed.  I am talking about automating tests.  I said "nightly build" more because it's a vernacular for this type of thing than because I want to do an actual build.

Anyways, I found a continuous integration tool that I'm pretty happy with.  It's called Bitten.  The abstract of their white paper describes perfectly how I feel about continuous integration tools.  It also integrates well into Trac.  I already have it installed on a test setup, and I'm working on writing build recipes for rails.