Topic: Ruby with WMP


I'm trying to use a Rails app to connect to Windows Media Player to get the currently playing media settings.

So far, all I've got is that I need to connect to WMP using the Ruby WIN32OLE extension.

Now, when I try to connect to an already running instance of Windows Media Player using.

@mp = WIN32OLE.connect('WMPlayer.OCX')

It shows me:

OLE server `WMPlayer.OCX' not running
    HRESULT error code:0x800401e3
      Operation unavailable

Plus I also have no idea about what operations are available to me, I haven't been able to find good documentation on the WIN32OLE extension, especially for WMP.

This link is pretty helpful on playlist management but still no information on currently playing media: … layer.mspx

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance and happy holidays!