Topic: Background Image with Silhouette

Hello, heres something I'm trying to get me head around. I want to design a background for a webpage. I would like this background to be blue and then to have a silhouette of a ship but a faint silhouette. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or guide me in achieving this. I'm using the GIMP as my graphics program since I can't afford Photoshop.

So, how can I:

1.) Extract the image of a ship from one image
2. Use it on a background of blue
3. Increase opacity on the ship.
4. Compress the image to ensure it doesn't take too much time to load

I don't know if it's possible to just use a background color of blue for my body in CSS and then also add the image of the ship as a background as well.


Re: Background Image with Silhouette

The easiest way to extract the image is probably suing the pen tool. Here's a tutorial for it.... The tutorial is written for photoshop, but if memory serves, GIMP's pen tool is similar.

Once you've done that, create a layer with your blue background, then paste the ship onto its own layer and lower the ship layer's opacity.

As for saving, if you only have a few colors, you can save it as a gif file, if you need mroe color depth, then you can save it as a jpg and play with the jpg compression to get the smallest filesize you can without losing too much quality. I'm not entirely sure hwo to do this in GIMP, but there should be an option to adjust this while saving it.