Topic: problem with login_engine

got a weird problem,... I've used the login_engine before for others projects, never had that problem.

running an app on a FreeBSD, Apache 2.2, ruby 1.8.4, rails 1.1.4
running either CGI or FastCGI is all fine.

I had to move this app to another server, Redhat 7.3, Apache 1.3, ruby 1.8.4, rails 1.1.4
everything seems to work, except that I can't login.

trying to locate where the problem is from, it seems like the code in vendor/plugins/.../user_controller.rb is not executed at all. all ignored.

I temporary moved all the code to the main user_controller, and its all working fine.

anyone ever got that problem? I wish I could move the code back to where it belongs.


Re: problem with login_engine

Sounds like a permissions issue, are you certain they are set correctly? Perhaps the Ruby process is unable to read the vendor/user_controller.rb file.

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Re: problem with login_engine

ain't a permission problem.

Re: problem with login_engine

I am still having trouble extending the login_engine.
I am suspecting something has changed with rails 1.1.4.

I simple use ....

class UserController < ApplicationController

and the stuff from the plugins seems to be lost. while the same thing used to work just fine.

/me hate fighting with ghost....