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Hey all, I started off on a good path to learning rails a few months ago - got a book or two did a couple of hours in the evening & Saturday mornings just learning by doing. I was starting to get somewhere when my wife had a baby and all was put on hold for a while.
I'm looking to get back into rails, and I've got some support from  management in my current job, but the way I used to do things will probably not work with the little person that I room with. I'd also be more interested now in some sort of accreditation.

Does anyone know of anything that fits the bill? My background is in Java development, and I did enjoy rails when I was doing my little test applications. An online course or exam would be perfect.


Re: Back to school?

There is no official Rails accreditation, and there probably (hopefully) never will be. There are plenty of classes you can take (Google can help you there), but most of us learn by reading books and tutorials, playing with plugins that are already out there, and watching screencasts. My suggestion would be to get your hands on the new Agile Web Development with Rails and read it, then go to and watch some of those. Also, reading the official Rails guides - - will give you a solid foundation. Then just spin up a new application to test and learn on (maybe a simple contact-management app to get you started).

Re: Back to school?

And of course, any time you have any questions during that process, Rails Forum is a good place to ask them. wink

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