Topic: My Humble Little Project

Hello All!  And thank you all for your help.  I've been more of a reader around here than a poster, but the Rails community is absolutely wonderful.

Anyways, I've always had a relatively weak vocabulary. It's at least never been my strong suit. I try to write down words that I am not completely confident with so that I can look them up later. This only works so well. The act of writing them down (or typing!) really ingrains them in my memory, especially when I take the time to customize my own definitions.  But since I don't have one central place to write down words, I thought I would give the Cloud a try. So I present you with Wordrobot!

It's a nice place to write down your own customized definitions or vocabulary lists.  You can keep your words private or make them public, the choice is yours.  I've got lots of things in mind for it, but I'm also in the middle of graduate school in architecture (the building kind, as opposed to computer architecture), so time is limited.  But anyways, I hope you enjoy and I would really love any feedback you have, positive, negative, or otherwise.  Thanks and enjoy!!

Ted Kimble

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