Topic: subdomains, namespaces, and routes, oh my!!!! I NEED HELP

ok, i'm lost and about to switch back to ASP.NET in a hot second because rails configuration is, as i'm finding out, much more complicated (unnecessarily) than!!!!

my problem...

i have a web app that uses namespaces,

i also need each one of these namespaces to be their own subdomain in the application

now, when i thought i'd figured out all of my routing issues, i have run into an effin' problem that i just believe is effin' ludicrous!!!!!

all of my views/controllers that have ids in the querystring can do a get of the information appropriately, BUT when i do a post back to a controller action, i get everything on the form that i am posting, but i do NOT get the id in the querystring to post!!!!  now what kind of dog dookie is that?!?!?!?!?

sorry for the language, but i'm getting frustrated with rails.  i mean, if i had of coded this app in and c# and used castle's implementation of activerecord, i would've been done long ago, but i have been sticking it out with rails because, it is different and FUNTASTIC, but i truly need some help.

what am i missing in the problem i've shared above.  here is a brief snippet of how i've routed my requests:

  map.with_options(:namespace => "admin", :controller => "references") do |omap|
    omap.index          "references",              :action => "index"            "references/new",          :action => "new"
    omap.edit           "references/edit",         :action => "edit"
    omap.destroy        "references/destroy",      :action => "destroy"

map.with_options :conditions=>{:domain => "", :subdomain => "admin"} do |admin|
    #references routes
    admin.connect "references/:content", :controller => "admin/references", :action => "index"
    admin.connect "references/new/:content", :controller => "admin/references", :action =>"new"
    admin.connect "references/edit/:content", :controller => "admin/references", :action => "edit"
    admin.connect "references/destroy/:content", :controller => "admin/references", :action => "destroy"

i know it might look juvenile, but it is the only way i could hook up my subdomain to work with a namespace, so that i could call to go to the references index page/view.  as i said, i can get the routing to work, but when i have a list of references which point to an edit action (, i get to the page where i can see the data, but when i post back to the edit action, i get all of my params EXCEPT the id in the querystring.  i have no clue what is wrong or how to fix it.

HELP!!!!!!!  PLEASE!!!!!!  HELP!!!!!