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Is anyone using Mongrel for their Rails apps? How does it stack up against Apache/lighttpd+FastCGI? How does it stack up against WEBrick while developing?

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I have been looking into Mongel as it seems very easy to setup / manage from what I have been reading.

The textdrive blog has several post on it, though sometimes I find them hard to understand if it really is faster than other things.

If I ever get a chance to setup a dedicated production server, Mongrel is going to be the first thing I try, but until our friend DreamHost supports it, I probably won't have any first hand production experience with it.

Have yet to try it while developing. WEBrick seems to do the job.

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I've only just started using mongrel and I haven't deployed anything on it yet, but i use it exclusivly in the development environment now, and I must say - I rather like it big_smile.

To paraphrase Amy Hoy in her Recent Article

Mongrel is Fast! - I love speed during development

And it's VERY easy to install (could it get any simpler than this?):

$ sudo gem install mongrel

And it's easy to run in the background:

$ cd myrailsapp $ mongrel_rails start -d

It's also easy to stop:

$ mongrel_rails stop

Or run with its logging to your terminal window:

$ mongrel_rails start

I only used WEBrick a coulple of times for development, and then due to some bugs and speed (or lack thereof) I started to use lighty, now Mongrel is the new dog smile wink

I haven't said anything useful in this post, but thats because I have a full review of Mongrel coming up. Just wanted to let you know that there are some of us who have switched. and are not ashamed to never look back.


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Just ran across this tip for running mongrel the same way as webrick: … nd_mongrel

I have not tried it, but it should allow you to use the server manager in RadRails with mongrel

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I just used it for the first time yesterday.  I'm definitely sticking with it for development because it's just as easy as Webrick to set up and get going and it doesn't have the speed issues.  Webrick was fine for a while, but I've noticed that each request it handles slows it down incrementally - until it stops.

Props to the folks who made Mongrel, it's fast becoming the replacement for both development AND production environments.