Topic: Maintaining rails apps

After a couple years of building rails projects I'm finding that maintaining them is not an easy task.

I'm looking for some suggestions/examples/books that will help me refactor my code into more maintainable apps.

After reading 'design patterns in ruby' I've been much more aware of good practices, however, it's hard to apply good OO design when every time a page refresh happens it's the end of the world for our object friends.  Or maybe I just haven't quite figured out the web-development side of analysis and design?

How is everyone else fairing with this?


Re: Maintaining rails apps

Is this an example of a big project that requires a constant refactoring of code to keep up with Rails releases, or is it just that you go back to old code and hate what you see (as we all do).

If it's the latter, then if you don't need to upgrade, I would just make note of your growth as a programmer and do it better next time and leave your working application in production.

If it is the former I would just recognise that you always improve your coding ability and your code as a result. With regards to making rails projects more refactorable (I just made up a word), having code test coverage so that you can confidently move forward with every release of rails will make it a lot easier than getting a few releases behind and then facing a mammoth effort to catch up, especially as we move toward the big release of Rails 3.0

Re: Maintaining rails apps

Thanks for the response.

You're right about code-rot just being a fact of life.  I have to ask myself all the time whether or not I'm changing code just for my own sake/aesthetics.  Good advice for sure.