Topic: error while installing rails

i'm a totally newbie in ruby on rails.

i'm using windows.

i've successfully installed ruby and the rubygem bundled in the ruby installer then when i install rails using command:
gem install rails --include-dependencies     OR    gem install rails --remote

both command give me error:
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Timeout::Error)
    execution expired

i've search through the internet and nothing i can found this problem, so i do not know at all what is happening.

i've download the rails also but i dun't know how to install it.

can please somebody help me.

Re: error while installing rails

You should be able to do a simple gem install rails. If that's not working, then try:

gem install rails --source file:///c:\some\place\your\gem\is

I'm not running Windows and I haven't tried this, but gem --help should get you further along this path.