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I am Rails programmer and I would like to improve the way my web pages look. What I mean is my pages dont have a finished classy look like most modern rails website do. Would you recommend I take a course in Web design or something like that to improve my skills cuz I really suck at CSS and would really like some recommendations with some books(for CSS and generally making better looking websites) or course recommendations. I would also like to know if there is any tool that I could use to make my websites look better.



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Lots of books, tutorials and links to alternative resources.

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Thank you very much Stephen. Just checked out the "Art and Science of CSS" and I think its pretty much what I've been looking for.

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I like this: … 966638328/

And this: … 881792063/

Also this: … 596008031/

I've heard this is good: … 321344758/

And probably this: … 590596145/

I know the first two sound like they're more for print than web, but they explore basic, essential design principles that you'll use everywhere.

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i have the Art and Science of CSS and it's well worth the read - in fact you can't go wrong if you really take the time to read it, there's gold in that one - also, if you're up for spending a few $$ go to or and signup for a month.  watch as many of the css videos as you can - I did that a few years ago and learned some really valuable stuff - is usually my first port of call for CSS

if you want graphics - I can't recommend this place highly enough - - they have a feed - get subscribed to it - you will need to download inkscape from

another great way to learn CSS is just by hacking up other peoples stylesheets

the following algorithm has been proven to work several times:

find a site with a design that you like > right click > view source > find stylsheet > rock the f%ck out

when done in that order, it never fails

good luck making your site look better