Topic: [Project Planning] Can I prototype first, and then build iteratively?

Starting an auction website...

I would love to design a showcase of the main website interactions (auctions, bidding, etc. in my case) without having to worry about: User registration, login, security, authentication, SSL, etc.

At the same time, I don't want my initial prototype to be useless. I want to build the app around it later... Just as an example, my models don't have a users table that stores login/passwords (I do have people table with various roles like bidder, seller, etc. stored) and I don't know where the login data would go once I decide to add authentication to the project (using a plugin supposedly).

My main questions is: how can I do this iteratively? Build the core, show it to the biz people, and then go on making it a secure app.

Thank in advance,

Re: [Project Planning] Can I prototype first, and then build iteratively?

You can certainly add user authentication and security later. You just build the prototype how you like with the proper models and controllers, then apply a plugin like acts_as_authenticated or role your own by creating a User model/controller. You should be able to add user authentication without redoing what you did in the prototype.

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