Topic: Rails noob, question on projects and job

I'm new to Rails.  I have done some basic tutorials, and have made a list of topics that I'm learning currently. While I am happy with my learning, I know that its probably not enough to get me a Rails job. 

1.  Most jobs ask for prior Rails experience.  I'd be building a couple of sites before I apply for any Rails jobs.  Is that enough?  What exactly do the recruiters look for, when they interview candidates?

2.  Is there any place where I can get some kind of part-time/telecommute work (unpaid, of course) - my motivation is to learn and have a "real-time" project on my resume.

Would like to listen to your thoughts on this.


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Re: Rails noob, question on projects and job

To answer question one, it really depends on where your applying. Just creating a "couple of sites" probably isn't enough (especially if the question comes up "why did you build these sites" and your answer is "to get this job".

And for question 2: Github will help you here

Find a project your interested in or one that your using but doesn't work exactly how you want it to, fork it, code, commit and send a pull request.