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I am new to ROR and using IDE's, I used to program about 10 years ago in Paradox, DOS apps.
I have just taken over a new job where some Web apps are written in PHP.

Since I will be using an IDE, would you recommend Aptana or Netbeans.


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I'm a noob also, and I tested out a few IDEs, and I think that Netbeans was the best one. I like how it converts your project for you, and the interface is really easy to use. They Ruby plugins are great, they highlight syntax errors and everything.

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I would recommend you at least look at TextMate. You can download a free demo of it.

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I liked Aptana, but I felt safer in Netbeans.

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I am a Newbie too and have spent the last 10 days or so putting stuff together. Aptana or to be exact "RadRails" seemed to be the right choice a while ago. (A lot of books recommended it around 2006/2007)

Meanwhile Aptana offers an IDE which you have to download first and sort of "upgrade" to RadRails. Sadly it did not work in my case - I was left with an error message. Posting to the Aptana forum

has not provoked any reaction so far so I turned my back on Aptana.

RubyMine was installable but left me quite confused. (Might be entirely my fault.) TextMate (which seems to be awesome) is not an Option if you are on Windows (as I am).

So far I am back to using HomeSite 5.5. (*sigh*) - but I am sill checking out alternatives...


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Hi Sven, there is hope...
I'm also quite a newbie and stuck in windows xp.

I started with trying RadRails but got more confusion and errors than help from it, so I got rid of it.

Since I follow a lot of Ryans Railscast, and I thought it would be cool to have something similar to Textmate. And there is this which is a Textmate lookalike for windows.

You can get a Railscasts.tmTheme to your E which will give an exact copy of the color theme that Ryan uses.

I will also have a look at RubyMine, I suspect it'll be the thing for the future. I know that their (JetBrains') IDE for java, IntelliJ, is a very sharp device, hopefully RubyMine will go the same way.