Topic: Turn jEdit into Textmate

Turn jEdit into a free, platform-independent TextMate

I think the reason so many people don't like jEdit is, by default, it is quite ugly, drab and not immediately intuitive.

I started using it a few weeks ago and turned it into a respectable Rails editor with some nice IDE-like and TextMate-style features to boot.

I've used EditPlus as a general editor for years, so the modular minimalist approach of jEdit appealed to me.

It starts up very fast and uses far less memory than any other Java-based editor I've tried. It also has a "-background" switch that will keep it in memory so it will popup even faster, but I haven't felt the need to use that.

Here's how to make jEdit work like the (in)famous TextMate, yet be platform-agnostic and free as a bird.

Use jEdit Plugin Manager to install them with one click.

Editor Scheme
Easy syntax color scheme changer called "Editor Scheme Selector". (Love that name... Almost sounds like a good indie band name smile)

Railscasts jEdit color scheme


Download - Railscasts.jedit-scheme

(unofficial Railscasts syntax color scheme theme song big_smile)

Fun Fact:
The original "Railscasts" TextMate theme was a modified version of the idlefingers theme
used by Ryan Bates of Railscasts fame. In fact, you can view the epoch of this now ubiquitous theme here on circa 2006.

Tab-expand an abbreviation with embedded variables. Use the tab-key to jump between the variables / tab-stops in expanded code. (like TextMate and others)

Ruby Plugin
Lots of Ruby-specific features.

Project Viewer
Project creation/management and directory tree view docked anywhere in your jEdit window (see screenshot above).

Buffer Tabs
Tabs instead of the default drop-down buffer selector.

Recent Buffer Switcher
Use CTRL-TAB (or any shortcut) to quickly select recent files.

Context-sensitive "Go to View/Model/Controller" menu popup. This one is a Macro. Just put the '/Rails' directory in your <home_dir>/.jedit/macros/ directory.
Video demo of RailsMacro

Other miscellaneous tips...

- A couple useful shortcuts:
(in Settings => Shortcuts)

Global Settings ............. CTRL+ALT+S
Focus Project Pane .......... CTRL+ALT+P
Recent tabs ................. CTRL+TAB
Rails code navigation ....... CTRL+E     (Requires RailsMacro above)

- 2-Space TABs
Settings => Editing:
> Tab width: 2
> Indent: 2
> Soft (emulated with spaces) tabs: [checked]

- Change Editor Font:
Settings => TextArea: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, 18, Plain

- Hide toolbar, buffers and status bar
Settings => "Tool Bar" and "View"
View => "Toggle Status Bar"

My bookmarks & sources for reference...

jEdit Tutorial: A How-To on Abbreviations in SuperAbbrevs for HTML, Ruby on Rails and more

Best IDE/Editor for Ruby on Rails?

HAML Syntax for jEdit (SaSS link comments)
How to install it:

Using jEdit for Ruby on Rails Development

SuperAbbrevs for Ruby and Rails

How to change syntax modes (recognize .rhtml AND .html.erb templates)
(for .builder do the same thing for ruby mode... add builder as a recognized extension)

Going native with jEdit: New download makes this editor shine
(jEdit tutorial for mac users)

And there you go! Now you don't need to buy a thousand dollar lunch box, just to use TextMate. big_smile (j/k)
If I think of anything else I will post it here. Hope that helps.

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