Topic: Need some help with Lightbox 2.0

Hey guys, trying to figure something out.

It's got me all worked up, but since I've been fighting with the flu this week, I just don't have the energy to get all worked up (the irony! tongue).

I have lightbox setup in one of my apps, but just cannot figure out for the life of me how to control the image size of the image that is displayed in the modal window.

I have searched inside outside upside down (gotta love that Bernstein Bears action! big_smile) through the CSS and JavaScript in the lightbox code, and I see no where to change that image size.

I tried a few tags, classes, and id's that interact between JavaScript and CSS, and every single one I tried no go. The only image size it changed was the navigation icons, but not the display image.

I have tried looking and posting on the lightbox forums (if you want to call them that, LOL), and I get no feedback. I even tried e-mailing Lhokesh Dhakar I believe his name was that right lightbox, and I never heard back from him either.

The images are being passed down through the Flickr API using rflickr. I have this gallery section in my Rails app, of which are a link to open a lightbox modal window as so:

<% @photos.each do |photo| %>
  <a href="<%= photo.url('m') %>" rel="lightbox"><%= image_tag(photo.url('m'), :class => "photo") %></a>
<% end %>

Now, before I get any hell for this, you're probably wondering why I'm showing the same size right? LOL I know how some of you think wink Well, I am playing around with sizing, and I am trying to get the pictures in the lightbox window to be 300x300, whereas I have a CSS style that says the initial image is 150x150. I am thinking of using the large photos using ('b') instead of ('m'), but the problem is, the large photo isn't available for all photos. So I'm in the process of determining the best way around that. But first, I need to get this functionally working in such a manner.

Got to love Ruby and Rails. That 3 lines of code would've been 20 to 50 in PHP. wink

In any case, with there just being an anchor tag to the image, how do I control the contained image? If someone could give me some direction and insight on this, that'd be awesome.

Re: Need some help with Lightbox 2.0

Anyone had any experience with Lightbox that may know where to look? I am just stumped, and I want to get this rails app all finished up soon, but this is hanging me up.