Topic: New App: for Error Pages

It has been in testing for a couple of weeks at the hands of a few web developer friends & contacts, but I would love to know what you think of it, now that the code is somewhere near stable (touch wood!):

Here's the background: My Dad was trying to get on his online banking but was hitting an unstyled 500 page Internal Server Error. It suddenly dawned on me how annoying it was that he had to continually right-click / refresh just to find out if the site was back online, and that's when the idea for Notipal popped in to my head. If he could leave his email address, the site owners could notify him when they're back online. Pretty simple.

Sign-up, copy/paste a snippet of code (as you would with Google Analytics etc) in to your error pages - and that's about it. Notipal detects your visitors being routed to error pages and creates tickets for your account on a per URL basis, and collects the email addresses per error. It's a bit like Hoptoad for your visitors.

It runs on Shoulda, MySQL, Git, SliceHost, Starling/Workling, custom Daemons. There's validation error on the landing page which I'm trying to fix (I'm not so hot at javascript - just figuring out how to move the inline method in to a global 'application.js' include). I've gone to great pains to make it work across FireFox Mac / Win, Opera Win, Chrome, IE 6, IE7, and Safari.

Let me know any thoughts - I'm all ears.