Topic: Kinda O/T: help name my blog!

I'm writing a Rails-based site for my freelance book editing business (, although you'll only see a static placeholder page right there at the moment).  As part of it, I am going to have a blog focusing on tips to help fiction writers better develop their characters.

I know this is kind of off topic, but what the hell.  The site is built on Rails, so I figure I'm entitled.  smile  Anyway, I'm having trouble settling on a name.  I've got four contenders at the moment:

Showing Character (has a universal sort of feel to it)
Show Character (ok, but feels kind of dictatorial)
Show Some Character! (suggests that the blog will be sort of snarky/sarcastic, which it will)
Show Your Character (quasi play-on-words confusing the author with his/her fictional creations)

Chime in: which do you like best?  And feel free to suggest better alternatives...

Re: Kinda O/T: help name my blog!

Well, what is the "message" you are portraying with your blog? Just like designing a logo, naming your blog has to really summarize what you are trying to get across without every reading a single post. Like I have a blog that I track my fitness and nutrition as I loose all this weight gained from sitting on my ass for years doing IT, tech support, etc..

However, I refuse to go to the gym, as it's a waste of time in my opinion, and I achieve my strength/core conditioning using the TRX (, hiking, and eating healthy. So I named the blog "Getting Fit Naturally", portraying the message of getting in shape without expensive gym memberships, machines, or magic diet pills tongue. I originally put it on, but I hate being restricted, so I registered, and put it on my own web servers, and created the blog subdomain, so now its at

So, what exactly are you going to have in your blog? Are you going to cover different techniques for Rails apps, or... ?

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Like I said, the content of the blog is writing tips for authors, specifically relating to character development in fiction.

Consequently, the name should at least hint at a message of "This blog is about the art of creating well-developed, believable, interesting characters in fiction through application of Good Writerly Technique."

Which, I think you'll agree, is a little wordy for the title of a blog.  smile

For writers who give a crap about actually learning their craft (namely, my intended audience), the word "show" hearkens to a workhorse technique of fiction called "show, don't tell," (or sometimes "show vs. tell", but at any rate "show" is the important part).  And of course, fiction is nothing without well developed, believable characters, hence "character" is also an important part of the message.  Consequently I selected all the above possibilities because they also form a play on those two words.

I just can't decide which to use; being as I came up with them all, I'm hardly an impartial judge of which is more likely to make a person decide to go check it out.

Re: Kinda O/T: help name my blog!

hey how about something like rubyonrailsblog?  That would give good SEO results.