Topic: AJAX Performance problem

I've just added some ajax to a web site I have and I'm seeing HUGE delays on 'submit' of the ajax form.  Seems to happen every time and the traffic on the site is not huge, though growing.

Here is a snippet from the prod log:
Completed in 17937ms (View: 17922, DB: 11) | 200 OK [ … neur_id=89]

Here is the form where I make the call into the controller:

<% form_remote_for :offer, :url => { :controller => 'mentor_offers', :action => 'create_offer', :id => offer, :entrepreneur_id => }, :method => :post do |f| %>

  <div class="notice">
  <div><%= f.submit "Save" %> | <%= link_to_remote('Cancel', :url => { :controller => 'mentor_offers', :action => 'close_new', :entrepreneur_id => }, :class => "nav_ctl") %></div>

<% end %>

I've search around a bit but have not seen anything that's an obvious gotcha with this code.

Any help would be appreciated.

... so its all in the view, about 17 seconds delay.

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Re: AJAX Performance problem

The bottleneck must be your server since the AJAX call is made from your PC to the server-side script. Or am I misunderstanding the problem? What's the load average on your server when you notice the slowness?


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